In Dash GPS Technology

Navstar Car Stereo Systems offer a full fledged sound system, with a built-in navigational receiver all in one nifty package. There are also millions of points of interst to serve you along the way and text-to-speech directions with spoken street names. You can enjoy 2D or 3D navigation with 3D landmarks included, lane guidance to get you in the right lane for busy intersections, intelligent re-routing when you get off track, and plenty of other competitive GPS features. When you combine these premium audio and video entertainment system features, with built-in In Dash GPS navigation, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling, audio streaming, USB inputs, iPod, and iPhone compatibility, you soon realize.. pound for pound these Car Stereo Systems are really Car entertainment systems at there best. And there's much more...

Navstar's entire lineup of Car Multimedia Entertainment Systems are equipped with high-performance navigation features supported by industry leading technology and maps. Providing easy, touch-panel operation, the high precision High Definition display intuitively guides you to any destination smoothly and easily.

In Dash Automobile GPS Navigation Systems
Within the built in GPS navigation, the flash memory allows for a quick response and access to navigational maps and all of the rest of the multimedia options. In addition, you'll get massive expandability and full two zone operation.
Many of the Navstar Receivers , features built in navigational maps of the US, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico. And many other countries... Get there fast with spoken street names, lane guidance, and a wealth of GPS features, and stay in touch on the way with built in Bluetooth for hands-free calling.

The 7 inch High Def touchscreen display is not only great for the GPS but also for your other car entertainment needs, whether it's DVDs or CDs, your digital media from USB drives or microSD cards, content from your iPhone, or just listening to your favorite AM/FM radio station. The In Dash Automobile GPS Navigation Systems, also allows safe, simple, hands-free calling and receiving with most Bluetooth wireless-enabled cell phones. Just touch the cell phone icon in the receiver display for direct access to the Bluetooth display. Special symbols will light up when a Bluetooth connection is established, and pairing is is easy and automatic. With touch key dialing via touchscreen is also now included in the Bluetooth receivers.

More Than Your Average GPS Navigation Systems
At the heart of this receiver, the built-in amp delivers plenty of power for good, clean sound, while the preamp outputs offer a convenient connection to a full system with external amplifiers, speakers, and subwoffer. You'll find the low-pass filter and level control on the subwoofer preamp outputs handy for adjusting the bass from the driver's seat. More General features, which are built in and intergrated fully into the Navstar Car Stereo Systems are, technoligies like; in-dash DVD/CD player with internal amplifier, 45 Watts x 4 channels, a 7" touch screen on most models, built-in memory for navigation with maps of over 5 million points of interest (POI), and built-in Bluetooth.
There are many more audio and visual features like; it plays DVD, CD, VCD, MP3, WMA, MPEG4, and JPEG formats. With Dolby Digital and Pro Logic decoding built in, dual-zone audio/video outputs, 3-band EQ with preset tone curves. And many Navstar Receivers have a TV also built into the system. Navstar is more than your average GPS navigation systems. So, show your friends just how easy this receiver is to use. They'll be wishing they had one, too.

Best GPS For Auto Navigation
If you're looking to swap your old car stereo receiver for something a bit more versatile, the Navstar's Car Stereo Receivers are a very good choice. Navstar Multemedia Car Entertainment Systems incorporate the the best of the legendary in car audio technologies within the simplicity of a modern car stereo to provide a full blown vehicle entertainment power house. Navstar Car Receivers are built for those seeking exceptional performance at an unprecedented value. Navstar also incorporates the best gps for auto navigation, into most of their car stereo receivers.

Navstar Receivers provides access to all your favorite music through its multi formated DVD, CD player, universal connectivity to portable media players and enhanced AM/FM reception. Navstar Stereo receivers will play a full variety of your favorite disc formats, including DVDs, CDs, and VCDs. You can also enjoy your WMA/MP4/MP3 digital files, whether from burnt discs or via the receiver's USB port or SD card slot. Video looks great on the 7-inch screen, and you can easily add a rearview camera to your vehicle. The convenient front panel auxiliary inputs are a great way to enjoy audio from your iPod, MP3 player, or other external audio devices.

GPS Navigation Devices Built for the Digital Age
On top of playing traditional audio CD's, the Car Stereo, also reads and plays MP3 and WMA file formats. This means your can pack more music onto a single disc for extended playback on those long road trips. The system slso intergrates its very own audio sound retriever, which digitally enhances compressed audio such as MP3 for a more rich and full, dynamic sound quality to your musical collection.

Other features include universal auxiliary inputs to allow playback from your other favorite portable media players, from many different formats, from front panel inputs for connecting external audio devices. This simple plug and play audio connection provides a higher level of sound quality, that is seamlessly built into the GPS Navigation Devices, of the receiver.

A Solid Full Featured Car GPS Navigation System
Navstar receivers also incorporates one of the most advanced AM/FM tuners ever intergraatedd into a system. Which combines the best of digital and analog tuner technologies. The Am/FM stereo tuner reduces distortion to deliver exceptional FM and AM band performance. Whether you're driving the open road where radio signals can be weak, or maneuvering the dense urban environment, the tuner delivers your favorite stations with brilliant clarity.

This means that your music sounds clear and solid when played at higher volumes. With the RCA pre-outs, you can easily attach an amplifier to your system to drive speakers or a subwoofer. With the large touchscreen LCD display of the car gps navigation system, you'll spend less time searching through menus, and more time listening to the music you love. You can also control your audio and visual experience, from a distance, with the full function remote control that's included.